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Product Liability

Texas Product Liability Attorney

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Product liability law involves injuries to people who have been harmed by dangerously defective products. Any entity in the stream of commerce from manufacturers, distributors, suppliers down to retailers can be held liable for those injuries. The Texas product liability attorney will look for one of three general ways that a product might be dangerously defective. Those include:

  • Manufacturing defects
  • Design defects
  • Failure to warn

Manufacturing defects

A manufacturing defect occurs when a single product leaves the manufacturing facility in a condition that's different than all of the other identical products in its line. An error or omission during the manufacturing process makes that one particular product different from all of the others in the market.

Design defects

Defects in the design of a product don't involve an error or omission involving a single item in the manufacturing process. They involve the entire product line, notwithstanding the fact that they were manufactured with the strictest adherence to specifications.

Failure to warn

These involve claims that a product is dangerous to a person using it in a way that isn't obvious when used in a manner consistent with its intended use. This might involve a solvent that can be harmful if used without a respirator. Warnings or instructions for safely using the product should appear on or inside its packaging.

With any product liability case, you're required to show that the product was defectively dangerous, and that it was the cause of your injury. Upon that showing, strict liability can attach. Nearly all defenses are stripped away. Be sure to save the product and contact your Texas product liability immediately. Product liability is a very complex area of personal injury law. Most lawyers don't handle these cases. You'll want to retain a knowledgeable and experienced Texas product liability attorney immediately.

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