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Motorcycle Accident

Texas Motorcycle Accident Attorney

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When you're on a motorcycle, there's no steel body around you, and you don't have bumpers seat belts or air bags. Even relatively low speed impacts can result in severe injuries like:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Amputations
  • Severe fractures

Motorcyclists are also far more likely to die in a collision than drivers or occupants of other motor vehicles. Your Texas motorcycle accident attorney knows that most accidents involving drivers of cars or trucks and motorcycles occur because drivers just don't see or recognize motorcycles in traffic. Those crashes involve:

  • Vehicles turning left
  • Head on collisions
  • Failure to yield
  • Rear-end collisions

Severe injuries usually result in some type of permanent disability and staggering medical bills. If the accident results in a death, other great losses are suffered. If somebody else caused that motorcycle accident, your focus should be on protecting your right to compensation from that person who just wasn't paying attention.

The insurer of the person who caused the crash is going to start an accident investigation and begin preparing a defense immediately. By retaining your Texas motorcycle accident attorney right away, your own investigation immediately starts too while your case against the defendant is prepared.

The insurer of the party that caused the crash is also going to want a tape recorded statement from you. Don't give it to them. The law doesn't require you to give it, and it will only hurt your case. They'll use it against you sometime in the future when they try to shift blame for the accident over onto you or minimize your damages. By retaining your ((cityorfullstate motorcycle accident attorney immediately, your rights to compensation for your injuries will be fully protected.

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