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Daycare Liability

Texas Daycare Liability Attorney

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Selecting a responsible daycare provider in Texas for your child is very important. While many licensed care givers will do what is best in protecting your child from harm, some organizations and individuals will occasionally fail to meet their duty of care and act negligently. Even worse than that are the providers who willfully cause harm to children, which leads to devastating consequences.

What is daycare liability?

Daycare liability is insurance care givers must purchase in the event someone, including a child, suffers a personal injury on the premises.

What you need to do if your child was injured in a daycare

If your child is hurt while at daycare in Texas, you may have a right to file a personal injury claim against the provider and their insurance. To have greater chances of success, you have to prove the provider was negligent. This requires meeting certain elements of daycare liability, which include:

  • Duty of care – the daycare provider’s obligation to protect your child from unnecessary harm
  • This duty of care was breached because the daycare provider failed to do everything reasonably possible to protect your child
  • The breach was either directly or legally acceptable as the cause of injuries
  • Staff and management should have anticipated the possibility that the injury could occur
  • Proof of the nature of your child’s injuries and value of the injuries

When you should contact a daycare liability attorney in Texas?

In cases of an alleged daycare injury, the person filing the liability claim bears the burden of proof that the daycare provider’s negligence was the direct cause. If you are considering whether to file a claim against a daycare provider in whom you trusted your child’s care, an attorney can help you collect evidence and work diligently to ensure you receive just compensation for the harm you child has endured.

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