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Construction Accident

Texas Construction Accident Attorney

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The ever-growing skyline of and beyond means that the construction industry continues to have an integral impact on the surrounding community. One of the drawbacks to that growth is an increase in the number of accidents, many of which demand that a construction accident attorney in Texas look into the possibility that litigation may be needed.

The tragic fact is that the Lone Star State leads the United States in construction accident deaths, circumstances that put the families of those affected in a severe bind both financially and emotionally.

In addition, another dubious fact about Texas is that they’re the only state that doesn’t require private employees to have workers’ compensation. Thus, many contractors don’t bother making those arrangements, which can put someone injured on the job in a severe bind.

A construction accident attorney in Texas knows that construction injuries can vary widely from those that require just a band aid to the aforementioned deaths that could result. Regardless, many of the injuries often require a trip to the emergency room, which means that someone needs to pay that final bill when all is said and done.

If that person is injured seriously, a lengthy hospital stay will be necessary. Some of the final bills have been onerous enough to send families in bankruptcy.

That time in the hospital also means that the injured party isn’t working, which means that no paycheck is coming in. Bills still need to be paid during this period, but that can be impossible with no income. Plus, there may be additional medical needs (i.e. therapy) in the future.

By having a construction accident attorney in Texas ready to aggressively make sure that your rights are represented, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing that you aren’t being forgotten.

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