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Bicycle Accident

Texas Bicycle Accident Attorney

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The freedom to ride around in a bicycle is an invigorating way to get some exercise. Unfortunately, other individuals don’t seem to care about such things, which is when severe injury or death can occur, with a recent survey indicating that Texas has approximately five biking fatalities every year.

That sad number pales next to the numerous injuries that take place when those on bicycles become moving targets for irresponsible or inattentive drivers. One such an event takes place, the only recourse for the bicyclist or the family of one if they’re killed, is the contact a bicycle accident attorney in Texas.

Given the fact that Texas isn’t always a welcoming place to bicyclists, opportunities to ride may be limited or result in them risking their health on roads where drivers routinely ignore basic rules of safety. Such drivers can excessively speed, be distracted by speaking or texting on a mobile phone or be intoxicated, all of which can develop into tragedy.

Being hit by a speeding vehicle is bad enough when you happen to be inside another moving vehicle. For those on bicycles, it’s even worse and can become a lifelong disability, especially if the bicyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet.

The injuries that result from such a catastrophe can put someone in the hospital for months, with massive medical bills to show for that time. Paying those fees, while also being compensated for not being able to work, along with the pain and suffering endured, is the job of a bicycle accident attorney in Texas.

So when you or a family member is involved in a bicycle accident, it’s important to immediately get ahold of a bicycle accident attorney in Texas, since the statute of limitations is just two years from the time of the accident.

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