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If you've been seriously injured and want a laywer who will truly fight for you in Texas, hire the attorney who's experienced in respresenting victims and has a proven track record of getting them the best possible outcome. Hire The J. Reyna Law Firm today.

Injured in Texas? We Can Help

After a serious accident there’s so much to deal with. From the physical pain of the accident itself, the emotional trauma that follows and, not to mention, the financial stress that often comes with missing work after your injury. A serious injury turns your life upside down in a matter of seconds.

Despite all of these negative circumstances and emotions that can surface after an serious accident, it’s critical that you speak with a qualified, experienced attorney who can provide legal advice as to whether or not you may have a case that warrants pursuing legal action to obtain justice on your behalf. Finding that out can be the difference between getting the healthcare you need or being denied healthcare because you can't afford it. You deserve justice and you deserve a lawyer who can help you obtain justice.

Consider Your Legal Options

A mistake many people unfortunately make is they dismiss pursuing a case legally based on their limited knowledge of the law. DO NOT Make this mistake. Simply put, accidents don't just happen on their own. For every action there is a reaction and because of that it's important to have a lawyer who can ask the critical questions ANYTIME a serious injury occurs. Questions like, what led to the accident happening? Where did the accident take place? Does this location or facility have insurance to cover these types of accidents? Is this an accident that could of been avoided and if so, how?

These are just a few of the tough questions that Attorney Juan "JR" Reyna asks on behalf of every one of his clients and he will not cease until he get's real answers for you and your family.

You Owe It To Your Family To Seek Justice

As you most likely already know, serious injuries come with doctor's bills, missed worked and immense pain that affects your life in every way possible; phyiscally, emotionally and financially. These after affects of the injuries can last for years or even an entire lifeime based on the severity of the injury. Because of this it's critical to the well being of yourself and yoru family to at least have a conversation with a qualified attorney and explore whether legal action is in your interests. Not doing so can create an unneccessary financial burden for you and your family and can deny you the proper healthcare you need to make a full recovery.

So if you have been seriously injured, don't waste any precious time, call the J. Reyna Law Firm today for a free consultation. We'll listen to the details of your injury and give you the legal advice you need to make the best possible decision for you and your family.

  • 5.5M

    Car accidents in the country each year

  • 3.3M

    Number Injuries caused by car accidents each year

  • 40.000

    Fatalities caused by car accidents each year

  • 5.000

    Deaths occur each year as a result of truck accidents

Recent Wrongful Death Settlements By J. Reyna

  • Gross - $5,924,630

  • Fees - $2,369,854.40

  • Exp - $96,790.05

  • To Client - $3,457,992

Recent Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement

  • Gross - $460,000

  • Fees - $195,500

  • Exp - $86,800.07

  • To Client - $177,699.93

Recent Oilfield Injury Case Settlement

  • Gross - $1,900,000

  • Fees - $807,500

  • Exp - $98,183.30

  • To Client - $994,316.70

Recent Breach of Contract Settlement

  • Gross - $375,000

  • Fees - $150,000

  • Exp - $3,459.10

  • To Client - $221,540.90

Recent Bad Faith Insurance/Breach of Contract Settlements

  • Gross - $200,000

  • Fees - $80,000

  • Exp - $19,768.81

  • To Client - $100,231.19

Recent Car Accident Settlement

  • Gross - $85,000

  • Fees - $30,150

  • Exp - $850

  • To Client - $54,000

Recent Wrongful Death Settlements By J. Reyna

  • Gross - $3,776,500

  • Fees - $1,258,707

  • Exp - $13,917

  • To Client - $2,503,857

Recent Breach of Contract Settlements By J. Reyna

  • Gross - $2,019,751

  • Fees - $673,183

  • Exp - $172,168

  • To Client - $1,173,599

We work for the best possible outcome for all of our Texas clients. That means answering every question and returning phone calls promptly, ensuring our clients are informed, enabling them to make the best decisions in their matter

What Damages May I Claim in a Personal Injury Cause of Action?

There are three types of damages that you may potentially be awarded in a personal injury legal case:

Economic damages are those that can be quantified in dollar amounts, including medical expenses, lost earnings, and any other costs that can be shown to have arisen directly from the accident, injury, or wrongful death. Economic damages can be proven by producing receipts, bills, credit card statements, and employment records.

Non-economic damages, which are damages to your quality of life that can’t be easily quantified. These include your physical pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, disfigurement, damage to important personal relationships (loss of consortium), and inability to engage in activities you enjoy.

Punitive damages, while not common, are a possibility when a jury feels that the party that caused your losses exhibited an extreme and egregious disregard for your well-being. An example might be driving with a blood alcohol content that is extremely high and well in excess of the level at which the law assumes impairment. Unlike economic and non-economic damages which are compensatory, punitive damages are not to make up for what you have lost, but to punish the wrongdoer and provide a deterrent to future incidences of the behavior.